St. John School

North End of Boston, Massachusetts

Since 1873,
St. John School has resided 
in historic North Square
adjacent to the Paul Revere House
on Boston's Freedom Trail

  A large brick warehouse on Moon Street is purchased and converted to the “free church” of St. John the Baptist to meet the need of the Irish Immigrants and poor people of the city.

1862  The congregation of St. John the Baptist moves to St. Stephens Church. Moon Street property is used as a chapel and a hall for parish functions.

1872  St. Stephens sells the property for $18,712. Bishop Williams sends for two Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur from Cincinnati to open a small school, chapel and parish hall. 

1880-94  Under the effort of Rev. Michael Moran, 20 classrooms and an auditorium named St. John’s Hall is contracted with an Italian-style campanile tower. 

1895  St. John’s Parochial School officially registers 300 boys, 500 girls. Many of whom are newly arriving immigrants from the south of Italy. 

1896  Rose Fitzgerald (Kennedy), the future mother of a U.S. President, is enrolled as a student. 

1911  The congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph are commissioned to St. John School. 

1912  The school was added to the Parish of Sacred Heart and the first commencement under the Sisters of St. Joseph was on June 22 with 12 graduates.

  Kindergarten class is initiated.

1946  The War and economical situation of the 40’s saw deterioration and finally the removal of the entire third floor auditorium and tower. 

1950  The next two decades saw a new wave of immigration in the North End. Young families support three local parochial schools, including St. John’s.

1976  St. Mary’s School closed due to demographic changes in the city’s population. St. John School welcomes the new students. 

1982  St. Anthony’s School closes. St. John’s has the distinction of being the only parochial school in the North End as well as Boston proper.

1995  St. John School celebrates its 100th anniversary. 

2000  St. John School embraces the new millennium with the latest technology and traditional educational values.

2004  Sacred Church/Parish was dissolved and became a Chapel. Sacred Heart Parish merges with St. Leonard Parish and becomes one Parish: St. Leonard Parish. 

2010  St. John School celebrated 115 years in existence.