Mission Statement

St. John School is a Catholic value-centered learning community dedicated to fostering the growth of each student in spirit, mind and body. Welcoming pre-kindergarten through eighth grade students, we utilize innovative programs and a "standards based" curriculum to educate the whole child.




We strive:


  • To teach Christian values and integrate these values into everyday living continuing our commitment to “Peace will be our way.”

  • To deepen a student’s social responsibility thus encouraging moral behavior.

  • To teach respect for the dignity and rights of all though an awareness of Christ’s presence within us.




  • To create a learning atmosphere that fosters a spirit of cooperation among all members of the Saint John School Community.

  • To create an academic environment which encourages the development of well-rounded students, prepared to live full and rewarding lives.

  • To encourage each child to fulfill his/her potential within a multifaceted curriculum.