The learning experience is enriched by special events, activities, and field trips undertaken by teachers with their classes throughout the school year.  Here's a peek at some of the special activities our students enjoy throughout the school year.  

Sea Studies

Children in K3 had the opportunity for a hands-on experience of feeling, sorting, and classifying a variety of seashells based on color, shape, and type. Miss. S of K3A and Miss Nagle of K3B are very excited to have begun this partnership with the New England Aquarium and look forward to more of these units throughout the school year!


Mrs. Frissora's K4A Class has had some great visitors! They had a visit from Lin Thompson, the librarian from the Boston Public Libary. She read a great story to the children and then they enjoyed discussing the book. The Boston Fire Department also visited K4A and talked to the children about Fire Safety. Some of them got to try on the fireman's coat and they all received a firemen's helmet.

Scratch Jr. 

Our younger students are learning programming skills in our

after school immersive ed program. Coding is fun!


Math Arrays

Grade 3 students are learning multiplication! Each third-grade student created a "skyscraper" in conjunction with beginning multiplication. Students used the windows of the building to create an array. Arrays help the students see that when you multiply, you add a number to itself a certain number of times. They then discussed how arrays are all around us from the eggs in a carton or a checkerboard to a building.