The learning experience is enriched by special events, activities, and field trips undertaken by teachers with their classes throughout the school year.  Take a peek at some of the special activities our students enjoyed this year.  

Audubon Field Trip

Grade 5 toured the Audubon's Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary and learned about the various species of wildlife at the sanctuary.  Did you know that over 150 species of birds can be found there? 


Boston Public Market

Our Grade 7 students will participate in the first of 4 cooking classes at Boston public market. They have been asked to think about their favorite cookbook, so they can share with their classmates and Chef Bell. The Boston Public Market provides hands-on classes and educational experiences that celebrate the farmers and artisans of the region.  

North Bennet Street School

St. John School continues its partnership with North Bennet St. School In the North End. Our middle school students are learning skills outside the traditional classroom. Once a week, they journey over to NBSS and develop their skills in woodworking. 

Our students are learning valuable skills which will serve them throughout life.